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Synopses, Decoded

Posted on August 26, 2015
by Kate Cuthbert

At this year’s RWAus Conference, Ainslie Paton and I did a workshop on blurb and synopsis writing. We thought we’d share some of the slides and wisdom here, for those who weren’t able to make the session.
Dark Art
The workshop will be split over two blogs. Without further ado: the synopsis! READ MORE


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Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Sooz



Maybe you’ve heard the letters bandied about—“Oh, my hero just doesn’t have a strong enough internal GMC.” Or maybe it’s all Greek to you.

G = Goal. (What is it the character wants to achieve? Or what is the character wants to avoid?)
M = Motivation. (Why does the character want this goal?)
C = Conflict. (What stands in the character’s way? Why can’t the character have the goal?)

There are two types of GMC: internal and external.

Internal GMC is the character’s emotional journey ... READ MORE


Being An Author | Introverts Guide to Romance Conferences


Pitching your genre novel to an international agent

13 July 2015
By: Courtney Miller-Callihan

Photo of Courtney Miller-Callihan in front of a garden fence
Courtney Miller-Callihan

You’ve finished your novel. It’s been fact-checked, spell-checked, proofread, edited and polished to the point of perfection. Now you are ready to find an agent. You know that in these days of the global village and Internet frontiers it is possible to go international. After all, Australia’s own genre Queens and Kings have proved that, from bestselling romance writers Anne Gracie and Anna Campbell to thriller megastars Michael Robotham and Matthew Reilly, to name just four.

In Australia it is helpful to have an agent, but not entirely necessary... READ MORE