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Meet Carla

Q: Did you always want to be a writer?
No, it was something that sneaked up on me when I was travelling with my husband for an entire year. I knew that if I didn't take any notes during this incredible adventure, I would never again remember all the details. And so I began.


Q: Where did you travel?
We started with a one-way ticket to Phnom Penh and from there everything unfolded. One day at the time, we decided where our next destination would be. For me, it was a new experience to travel that way with someone together. In all my previous journeys, I had to answer only to myself.
Q: That must have been challenging at times?
Yes and no, but then again we signed up for an adventure, and that was all part of it: unexpected meetings, unbelievable beautiful nature, interesting revelations, tantalizing food and an astonishing variety of different cultures.


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Q: That sounds like a treasure trove. Do your journeys influence your novels?
Yes, they certainly do. I would say eighty percent of my inspiration comes from my life experiences. It gives the unique flavour, the extra depth, to the Romantic Suspense and Mystery stories. I not only have visited many different countries in Asia and Europe but also have taken them in with all my senses. The exotic smells of Asian markets combined with vibrant colours of tribal clothing and ripe fruits. The saturated green hues of lush nature accentuated by the sound of a gurgling brook in the Alps. The romantic flair of European cities with their intriguing culture and so on.

Q: Where do you live?
I’m fortunate enough to call a small village close to Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales, Australia my home. I was born In Germany. In my early twenties, I travelled the first time to Asia, which fascinated me so much so that I stayed on. I explored extensively the different regions of Asia and finally spent the next eight years in India - and have used those places as settings for my novels.

Q: How did you ended up In Australia?
As we all know, romance is a powerful force and so it came about that my yearning heart took me to Australia. Am I grateful for it? Oh yes, I am!

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Q: Is your writing environment important to you?
It’s crucial. In my day job, I work in the accounting sector, which is vastly different to writing romance. Juggling numbers and organising businesses give my analytical part of the brain a full workout. But to inspire my creative site, I decided that I needed a special place. After my wonderful husband had agreed that I could add an extra room, a place for imagination to bring characters and stories to life, I jumped at it. Because I am a hands-on woman, I built this room myself, which is now the sacred place for writing romance.





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