Hey there! I'm Carla Ashburn


I write gripping stories of romantic dreaming set in the many places I have visited during my extensive travels. Tinted by the colourful situations I experienced during my life, my stories will take you on a journey with surprises. The undercurrent to look at deeper issues in life is a refreshing approach.


For me writing Romantic Suspense and Mystery is the culmination of both Love and Freedom.


Being an aspiring writer is the most exciting part yet. There is always only this one moment when everything is new and fresh when the world shines this little bit brighter and is still undisturbed and innocent.


Each day it allows me to travel to different places, unveiling characters with their special charms and quirks.


Here is a little teaser:


. . . He barely touched her right cheekbone with his soft lips, gently rolled over her skin inhaled her fragrance, filled his lungs, his body, his soul with the molecules of her unique scent. A rare flower, beguiling him with her beauty. He took a handful of her red curls . . .


I know my past explorations of different exotic countries will influence my future stories. Just imagine being transported to Hawaii, Tibet, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Scotland, the Alps, Vietnam, China, Cuba, and so on.


Pick any of them and there will be a passionate story of love, longing and compelling relationships that embrace challenges and enduring friendships.


Monsoon Seduction will reveal the many nuances of the alluring charm of India. A country I have stayed in for eight years. This novel is a love story highlighting the clashes of cultures but ultimately spanning two continents and merging them into one.


My mind allows me to excel in new undertakings, and my heart calls me to the unknown places.
Writing is a constant adventure, a steady climb in high altitude, but the breathtaking views at the end are well worth it.


Let’s see what will be brought to light.


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